Flea and Butterfly

Cohesively combining elements of salvaged articles with effective design procedure

Featured Designer, Art Jamboree at City Hall, part of Art Milwaukee March 9, 2012
Featured Designer, Loyalty to the Cure Lupus Benefit Fashion Show Feb 12, 2012
Featured Designer, NYE MKE New Years Art Event sponsored by Art Milwaukee Jan 1, 2012
Featured Designer, Mount Mary College Fashion Show 2009-2011
Featured Designer, Milwaukee Art Museum Run up to the Runway Winter 2010
Liaison, Sharon Lee Wilson Center for Performing arts Fashion Show for Charity Winter 2010
Liaison, Event at Kilbourn towers for Donna Ricco and Karen Davidson Winter 2009
Mt Mary Vision Scholarship 2009-2012
Academic Competitiveness Grant 2009-2011
Mt Mary Award 2010-2012
Active Member of Art Milwaukee since November 2012
Active Member of Loyalty to the Cure Lupus Benefit since 2012
Guest Member of Visual Artists Aliance Southeastern Chapter, Febuary 2012
Charitable Accessories Provider, TuNe-YaRdS Musical Performance October 2011
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